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One of Belgrade’s best-known residential areas, Dorćol was named after the cross-roads of four streets that used to run in the directions of Istanbul, Vidin, Vienna and Dubrovnik. Dorćol is famous for its history, myths and bohemian tales. It is a place where many artists sought their inspiration. Some of the most distinguished people in Serbian history used to live here: the writer, philosopher and linguist Dositej Obradović, the poet and painter Đura Jakšić, the composer Stevan Mokranjac and the author Meša Selimović.

Perfection is not out of reach. It lies in Novi Dorćol.

Novi Dorćol is located in the near vicinity of Knez Mihajlova street and the National Theatre, a short stroll from the Botanical Garden Jevremovac and the sports venue Pionir, a stone’s throw from the Bajloni green market and the Bitef Theatre. Novi Dorćol is a place where tradition, culture and modern living meet.

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